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Photo for GT-40 Attractions…More Than Just Beautiful Cars
GT-40: Frankenmuth, Michigan
GT-40 Attractions…More Than Just Beautiful Cars

We've previously mentioned Michigan’s natural beauty with its abundant water shoreline, the small bustling town of Frankenmuth built almost entirely around a Bavarian theme, and a few must-see auto attractions… Read more

Photo for MARCH/APRIL 2015, VOL 40/NO 4
Gear Head

Hello from California! I'm Jeff Becker, your new NAMGAR Vice Chairman. I have some mighty big shoes to fill left by Carol Shamonsky. I hope to learn from Carol as… Read more

Photo for MARCH/APRIL 2015, VOL 40/NO 4
Behind The Wheel

The Changing of the Guard I wasn’t quite sure how to title my new column; so thanks to Bruce Woodson for not only being my mentor these past four years… Read more

Photo for First Quarter 2015
From the Chapter Coordinators
First Quarter 2015

A word from your Chapter Coordinators! Read more

Photo for MGA Register (UK) Book Offer
MGA Register (UK) Book Offer

To mark the 60th anniversary of the MGA, the MGA Register of the MG Car Club UK has commissioned a second edition of "Call it MGA", first published in 2005.… Read more

Photo for NAMGAR Mourns the Loss of Billie Spears
NAMGAR Mourns the Loss of Billie Spears

Ruth Renkenberger and John and Linda Wright provide some memories of Billie Spears following her recent passing. Billie was the wife of Mac Spears, a NAMGAR founding member. Read more

Photo for MG Abingdon – Changing Times Part 2
History of the MGA
MG Abingdon – Changing Times Part 2

Reproduced from "Safety Fast" magazine, we continue with the history of MG and the changing times of the Morris factory. Read more

Photo for Still Looking for History on a Twin Cam Coupe
International MG Articles
Still Looking for History on a Twin Cam Coupe

In November 2014, NAMGAR was contacted by Francois Schnyder from Switzerland looking for information on his 1959 MGA Twin Cam coupe which he has owned since 1989. Since the initial… Read more

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For Sale: 1500cc Engine, apart/complete (61K miles) $300.00. 1600 Transmission- $300.00. 1500CC Head w/Valves & Rocker assembly- $200.00. 1500 Bonnet…

Wanted: Looking for OEM top hose for MGA. The old Moss part# 470-275. The new Moss part is #470-270, Uro…

For Sale: Two left side MGA roadster doors. No rust on steel. Aluminum in good condition. Doors have bondo and…

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