Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertising on the NAMGAR Website

Established in 2009, NAMGAR’s website is a professionally managed, award winning digital window on the world of MGA restoration, maintenance, ownership, and enjoyment. It provides the latest information plus the most extensive listing of classic car events and activities of interest to enthusiasts. Accessible by anyone searching the Internet, it reaches a wider audience beyond the regular NAMGAR community.

Advertising space on the web site pages is available five sizes for display ads: 

  • Banner (468 pixels x 60 pixels) will appear on the Home Page & Entire Site
  • Leaderboard (728 pixels x 90 pixels) will appear on the Home Page & Entire Site
  • Rectangle (180 pixels x 150 pixels) will appear on the Home Page & Entire Site
  • Wide Skyscraper (160 pixels x 600 pixels) will appear on approximately half of the Site
  • Logo Button (160 pixels x 60 pixels) will appear on the Home Page & Entire Site

The following rates are effective December 14, 2014:

Prices for Web Display Ads are as follows (US Dollars):

Banner (468 pixels x 60 pixels) $98.00/month
Leaderboard (728 pixels x 90 pixels) $75.00/month
Rectangle (180 pixels x 150 pixels) $70.00/month
Wide Skyscraper (160 pixels x 600 pixels) $80.00/month
Logo Button (160 pixels x 60 pixels) $20.00/month
Rich Media (Animated) Ad Additional 10%


MarketPlace Classified Rates (US Dollars):

NAMGAR Member Personal Ad (4 Months) Free
Non-Member Personal Ad $30.00/month
Business/Commercial Ad $40.00/month


General Information

  • Advertisers will need to provide display ad artwork to the following specifications:
  • Maximum file size of 40Kb (initial load size)
  • Acceptable file formats are GIF, animated GIF, JPEG, SWF (Flash animation,or PNG (portable network graphics)
  • Ads must include the URL/link where the ad will be directed when clicked on
  • Alternate text for the image (a line of text, up to 70 characters) that will appear to visitors that have images turned off, or who hover over an image with their pointing device
  • Member’s Photo Ads appear on the website for four months at no charge.


Advertising in eNews!

NAMGAR eNews!, introduced in 2014, is a digital newsletter emailed to over 1,800 subscribers six times a year on the months in between the magazine's release dates. NAMGAR eNews! offers an opportunity for a 140 x 140 pixel square ad with a 140 character sponsor's message on the left side of the page.

NAMGAR eNews! Rates (US Dollars)

Square (140 x 140 pixels) + 140 characters Sponsor's Message      $55/issue

Advertisers will need to provide display ad artwork in .jpg format 140 x 140 pixels and text for the 140 character sponsor's message.


Advertising in MGA! Magazine

MGA! is a full-color, award winning 40 to 44 page magazine published six times a year, offering two types of advertisements. Display ads are full-color, contain text and images and range from business card sized to a full-page bleed. They are placed throughout the magazine, and with the exception of the inside front and back covers, there is no specific location for these ads. There is no advertising on the outside of the magazine.

Camera-ready art should be supplied for display ads. MarketPlace ads are black and white, text only classified advertisements at the back of the magazine. They use the standard font common to the text in the magazine. Special fonts or larger sixed type are not permitted. Camera ready art is not required.

Business/commercial ads and non-member personal ads are billed per line. MarketPlace photo ads are availalble to NAMGAR members. Photo ad text is limited to 365 characters with spaces (approximately 60 words) with a 2.25" wide x 1.34" tall high-resolution color photograph. Larger photoes will be sized to fit. Photo ads also appear on the website for two months at no additional charge.


MGA! Magazine Display Rates (US Dollars)

Inside Cover (Front or Back) $220.00/issue
Full Page (Inside Magazine) $175.00/issue
Half Page (Vertical or Horizontal) $100.00/issue
Third Page (Vertical or Horizontal) $75.00/issue
Quarter Page (Vertical or Horizontal) $55.00/issue
Sixth Page (Vertical or Horizontal) $40.00/issue
Business Card (Horizontal Only) $35.00/issue


MarketPlace Classified Rates (US Dollars)

NAMGAR Member Personal Ad (2 Issues) Free
Non-Member Personal Ad $11.00/issue
Business/Commercial Ad $25.00/issues


Mechanical Requirements

Horizontal Vertical
Full Page (no bleed) 7¼” x 10” (with bleed) 8⅝” x 11¼”
Half Page 7⅛” x 4¾” 3½” x 10”
Third Page 7⅛” x 3⅛” 2¼” x 10”
Quarter Page 4⅝” x 3½” 3½” x 4⅝”
Sixth Page 4¾” x 2¼” 2¼” x 4¾”
Business Card 3½” x 2”


General Information

Advertising material must be submitted no later than the 12th of even numbered months for the next issue. Artwork must be high quality PDF, JPEG or TIFF electronic files at a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi). Ads not submitted in the proper format may miss the publication deadline. Changes or cancellations cannot be accepted after the closing date. NAMGAR reserves the right to refuse ads that we consider incorrect, inappropriate, or illegal.


Contact Information

To place an advertisement in the magazine or on the website, contact the Advertising Manager. For technical questions regarding website and eNews! ads contact the NAMGAR Internet Coordinators, or the MGA! Editor for magazine advertisement questions. Click here to download a copy of the NAMGAR Advertising Brochure.

Contact the Advertising Manager for discounting opportunities

Last updated on March 7, 2015.