Abingdon Trophy

Abingdon TrophyThe Abingdon Trophy was established to recognize the organizers of the annual GT. Each year the trophy is presented to the hosting chapter at the awards banquet by the Vice Chairman.

Past Winners

2016 GT-41 North American Council of MG Registers
2015 GT-40 Michigan Rowdies, MI
2014 GT-39 Ottawa MG Club, ON
2013 GT-38 NAMGAR Board & Volunteers Asheville NC 
2012 GT-37 Southwestern Ohio Centre of the MG Car Club
2011 GT-36 North American Council of MG Registers & Reno British Car Club Reno, NV
2010 GT-35 Milwaukee and Great Lakes Motorcar Group
2009 GT-34 Texas MG Register Hot Springs, AR
2008 GT-33 NAMGAR Board & Twin Cam Registry Champion, PA
2007 GT-32 Canadian Classic MG Club Whistler, BC
2006 GT-31 North American Council of MG Registers, Gatlinburg, TN
2005 GT-30 Michigan Rowdies Mackinaw City, MI
2004 GT-29 Connecticut Nutmeg Cromwell, CT
2003 GT-28 Columbia George Chapter Portland, OR
2002 GT-27 Central Virginia Chapter Charlottesville, VA
2001 GT-26 Minnesota MG Group & Minnesota T-Register St. Paul, MN
2000 GT-25 Greater Pittsburgh Morgantown, WV
1999 GT-24 California Sacramento Valley Lake Tahoe, CA
1998 GT-23 Tennessee Southlands Chattanooga, TN
1997 GT-22 Texas MG Register Grapevine, TX
1996 GT-21 MG 96 All MG Event Indianapolis, IN
1995 GT-20 Michigan Rowdies Lansing, MI
1994 GT-19 North Carolina Winston Salem, NC
1993 GT-18 Golden Horseshoe & Hoser EH's Niagara Falls, ON
1992 GT-17 Midwest MGAs Kansas City, KS
1991 GT-16 Alabama A's Huntsville, AL
1990 GT-15 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Williamsburg, VA
1989 GT-14 Indiana Hoosier A's Indianapolis, IN
1988 GT-13 Ohio Buckayes Marietta, OH
1987 GT-12 Puget Sound Belleview, WA
1986 GT-11 Connecticut Nutmegs Norwich, CT  
1985 GT-10 Michigan Rowdies Plymouth, MI
1984 GT-9 North & South California Tiburon, CA
1983 GT-8 Florida Sunshine A's Cypress Gardens, FL
1982 GT-7 Indiana Hoosier A's Indianapolis, IN
1981 GT-6 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Harpers Ferry, WV
1980 GT-5 Southern California Lake Tahoe, CA
1979 GT-4 Ontario, Niagara Falls, ON
1978 GT-3 NAMGAR Board Gettysburg, PA
1977 GT-2 NAMGAR Board Cape May, NJ
1976 GT-1 NAMGAR Board Harpers Ferry,  WV 


Last updated on January 19, 2017.