Renkenberger Spirit Award

Renkenberger AwardThe Renkenberger Spirit Award has been established to ensure those Chapter or Interest Group members who are enthusiastic supporters and promoters of their Chapter, Interest Group, and indirectly NAMGAR, are properly recognized. 

This Spirit Award is named for NAMGAR co-founding members, Len and Ruth Renkenberger, in recognition of their vision and dedication towards the NAMGAR mission, for their role as early supporters of local Chapters, and as individuals whose contributions are still reflected in the character of NAMGAR today.

The Renkenberger Spirit Award will be initiated at the local Chapter or Interest Group level and be awarded to Chapter or Interest Group members who meet the criteria for the award as determined by their Chapter, Interest Group and NAMGAR guidelines as listed below. NAMGAR provides the award at no cost to qualified Chapters and Interest Groups.


  • Nominee must be a NAMGAR Chapter or NAMGAR recognized Interest Group member. (NAMGAR membership is not a prerequisite).
  • Nominations must be sent to the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinator and sent only by the recognized Chapter / Interest Group Contact.
  • One award per Chapter or Interest Group may be awarded once per 3 year cycle (for example if a Chapter gives an award in 2009, it cannot make another award until 2012).
  • The Chapter or Interest Group selects the award winner using its own internal guidelines.
  • An award will be donated by NAMGAR for the presentation by the Chapter or Interest Group, however the award will not be sent to the Chapter or Interest Group until after a write-up has been sent to the NAMGAR Editor (complete with a photo of the recipient) for insertion into MGA! magazine and posting on the NAMGAR website. NAMGAR reserves the right to decide what the award will be.
  • The write-up must be between 250 – 350 words and describe why the person is being recognized. Specific examples are required.
  • Recipients of the Renkenberger Spirit Award will still be eligible for nomination of the National NAMGAR “Mac Spears Founder’s Award”.


  • Nominee name(s) as you wish to appear on the award.
  • Chapter name as you wish to appear on the award.
  • Date you wish to appear on the award (can simply be the year, or may include the exact date award is to be presented).

Shipment Information:

  • Name and full mailing address that award shall be sent (usually not the nominee).
  • Date that award is needed (please allow 4 weeks if possible).
  • Rush orders may incur shipping expense.

It is the responsibility of both NAMGAR and each Chapter or Interest Group to maintain documentation about the names and dates of the winners.

Past award recipients are listed below:

Last updated on August 30, 2017.