Regional Chapters

Chapter Affiliation

The North American MGA Register welcomes car clubs that have members that own MGA sports cars and its variants to affiliate. The mutual bond between NAMGAR and its affiliated chapters is both rewarding for club members and it is also beneficial for the club by:

  • NAMGAR Chapter Contacts promote MGAs & NAMGAR at the club level.
  • NAMGAR contributes to Regional Events run by chapters.
  • NAMGAR liability insurance coverage is available for chapter events.
  • NAMGAR chapter / officer insurance is available.
  • NAMGAR offers lists of its local members to chapters.
  • NAMGAR through its award winning publication MGA!, its website and eNews! offers promotion of affiliated chapter events.
  • NAMGAR provides through its Chapter Coordinators a viable communication process for chapters.
  • NAMGAR lists affiliated chapters in each issue of its magazine MGA! as well as providing a listing on its website.
  • NAMGAR provides the Renkenberger Spirit Award to chapters to award to deserving chapter members for service to their club.
  • NAMGAR conducts a yearly Chapter Contact Meeting at the GT for NAMGAR / Chapter mutual feedback issues and ideas.

Interested in your local car club becoming a NAMGAR Chapter? Find out more