Become a NAMGAR Chapter

How to Become a NAMGAR Chapter

Becoming an affiliated chapter of NAMGAR brings with it some responsibilities for the chapter’s officers:

  • Assign an active chapter member who is also a current NAMGAR member as your club’s NAMGAR Chapter Contact.
  • Chapter newsletters will be sent to the Editor of MGA!, the NAMGAR Internet Coordinators and the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinator.
  • Encourage all chapter members to join NAMGAR and support NAMGAR and its policies.
  • Submit an article to the editor of MGA! after an event occurrence when support funds were received from NAMGAR.
  • Submit an article to the editor of MGA! about the recipient(s) of the Renkenberger Spirit Award.

If becoming an affiliated chapter is something that appeals to you, then here are our recommendations on how to proceed. First talk to your chapter members and your chapter’s officers. If they are in concurrence, then the club president or his designate should complete the NAMGAR Chapter Application Form. The completed form should be emailed to the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinators. Alternatively, the completed form can be mailed to the Chapter Coordinators whose address is listed in MGA! magazine and on the NAMGAR website. The Chapter Coordinators, once they have received the Chapter Application Form will then correspond back to the club with a copy of the NAMGAR Bylaws and in turn request the following information:

  • A statement from the club’s executive indicating that they have read the bylaws and agree with them.
  • A list of the club’s executives.
  • A roster of club members and how many members belong to NAMGAR (names are optional due to privacy concerns as of 4/07).

Once the Chapter Coordinators receive this information back, they will review it and then make a recommendation to the NAMGAR Board of Directors who in turn will issue a decision within thirty days.

NAMGAR Chapter Contact Responsibilities

Each NAMGAR Affiliated Chapter has an individual that serves as that chapter’s NAMGAR Contact. The chapter/interest group contact must be a member in good standing of NAMGAR and acts as the interface between NAMGAR and the local chapter or interest group through the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinator(s). The responsibilities of the NAMGAR Chapter Contact are:

  • Represent and promote NAMGAR at the local level.
  • Receive and distribute NAMGAR news and inquiries to their local club or group as they receive it from the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinators.
  • Send local club or group queries or information to NAMGAR.
  • Report before each January the local club or group membership totals, the number of NAMGAR members and what type of club it currently is (MGA, All MG, All British or Other).
  • Assure that the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinators, the MGA! Editor and the NAMGAR Internet Coordinators are receiving copies (if applicable) of the local chapter or group newsletter.
  • Receive one additional copy of MGA! each issue for distribution to prospective NAMGAR members as they are encountered at local car shows or events.
  • Responsible for insuring the accuracy of the Chapter Contact or information in MGA! or the NAMGAR web site.

Chapter Contacts serve on a volunteer basis and have no set terms except if specified at the local level. NAMGAR is appreciative of the time and effort that chapter contacts spend assisting NAMGAR at the club level.

For further information on becoming a NAMGAR Chapter, please contact the NAMGAR Chapter Coordinators. Click here to download a PDF of this information.

Last updated on November 27, 2016.