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After doing a lot of research and talking to current members that have been around since the early sixties, we’ve discovered that the history of the MGOC extends back to the fifties. In the late forties the club was known as the M.G. Car Club, San Francisco Centre. This club eventually grew into the present region of the SCCA. A few years after that, a group of MG owners decided to form a separate MG Club, and the current M.G. Owners Club was the result.

The Club as we know it today began in 1957 and was incorporated in 1958. About a year later the club became the Northern California Centre of the M.G. Car Club of England. The directors of the M.G. Owners Club approached John Duncan, a local MG enthusiast, for advice about arranging an association with the M.G. Car Club. This was because they knew the Duncans had been entertained by John Thornley while visiting Abingdon. A letter to Mr. Thornley brought a quick response, and he was only too glad to fully recommend that the request be granted. With such sponsorship it took little to complete the details.

From its beginnings in the fifties, and through the sixties and seventies, the Club was very active in rallies, and was prominent in pioneering Variety Rallies. During this time, the Club joined the Northern California Sports Car Council (NCSSC) and took part in the NCSCC-sanctioned autocrosses, with a majority of the members taking part.

As the older MGs started showing signs of wear, the membership started turning toward restoration and car shows, although they were still active in rallies and tours to interesting places and good places to eat.

The Club is made up of all models of MG, from MMM cars to 1980 MGB Limited Editions, a few variants, such as the ELVA, and even an MGA electric car. The Octagon is the Club newsletter and is published monthly with pictures and articles on events, technical information, and everything else a good newsletter requires.

The MGOC invites MG owners to join us in promoting the understanding, interest, and enjoyment of MG ownership and the sport of motoring. Our monthly newsletter, The Octagon, features news of club activities and events, technical information, classified ads, and articles pertinent to the ownership and maintenance of MGs.

Membership is open to all, whether or not you own an MG. There are all types of MGs in the club, ranging from J2s from the early thirties to MGB LE models from 1980. We are an active club, planning and scheduling events and activities throughout the year, as well as participating in gatherings with MG and other sports car clubs nationwide. The club currently has about 280 members.

Every month we have a meeting and a Natter, and most months have a special event as well – check out our website for locations and times of our monthly meetings. An event can be a tour, rally, picnic, technical session, or even a barbecue. Our main event for the past several years has been an all-MG show, MGs by the Bay. We have an average of a hundred MGs at this event, and give trophies for all models. Our other main events are an annual picnic in late summer and an awards banquet in mid-winter.

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Last updated on January 10, 2017.