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A "Hoser" was a Canadian Redneck made popular by actors Bob and Doug MacKenzie at the time and the "Eh" is Canadian slang and "Eh" also represented the cars we drove.

In the late 1980's a group of MGA guys from the London/Tillsonburg area would get together to work on their cars, drink beer and buy/sell/swap car parts. They were all members of NAMGAR and would convoy together to attend the National NAMGAR GT each year. Original members were: (from Tillsonburg): Bobby White; Billy White; Lawrence Chesterman; Wayne Milmine; Jim Weston; (from London): Rob Mckenzie and Tim Coyne.

My first GT with them was 1988 (which was the first year that Tim Coyne finished restoring my MGA) and took it on its maiden voyage to Marietta, Ohio for GT-13. We usually "hung-out" together at the GT's meeting people and making friends however Rob McKenzie had been a NAMGAR member for a long time (at one time he even was a Contributing Editor and wrote an article for each issue called "Two Cents") he knew a lot of people.

I recall on our way home from the GT, Lawrence Chesterman had a lot of electrical trouble with his car, but the "code of the road" was that you never left anyone we worked diligently on the car to keep it going. Once we had it all "sorted out" it was quite late and as we all had to work in the morning, we were speeding to get home in order to get some shut eye before we had to go to work. I recall driving up Highway #3 through Cayuga and noticing the speed limit sign saying "70 kph"...I looked at my speedometer and we were all doing "70 mph". You would never take your foot off the accelerator because if you did, you would have to speed that much more in order to catch up with everyone...I remember thinking "we're all going to go to jail" and "what a way to break in a brand new motor"! By the way...Lawrence eventually sold that car to John Orrell who sold it to Jim Hambleton both Hoser Ehs!

In 1989 we again convoyed as a group to GT-14 in Indianapolis, IN. Another wonderful trip on the back roads of the Midwest. This time we had a new member join us (John and Joan Graham from Unionville, just outside of Toronto). Our reputation was preceding we were developing a bit of a reputation as a fun group of people to "hang out" with. John had a newly rebuilt 1600 and wanted to travel in a we got $5.00 from him (to join our club), and they met us at the Ramada Inn (401 and Wellington Rd), in the morning...and we were off to GT-14.

On our way there, Rob Mckenzie informed us that he was a wanted man in Indiana, as he had an outstanding speeding ticket that he never paid. As we were approaching the highway sign that said "Welcome to Indiana"...Rob Mckenzie immediately slouched down in his seat and put a hat on...hoping the State Troopers wouldn't recognize him! Shortly thereafter as we were driving through a small town, Rob Mckenzie realized that he needed some American cash and quickly turned into the bank parking lot...followed in quick succession by 6 other MGA's. The Bank Manager, peered through the curtains at the MGA's in his parking lot and quickly put out the "CLOSED" sign. This was the first time in my life that I ever felt like a "Hell's Angel". He and his staff then left the bank and came out to the parking lot to look at the cars and talk to us to see who these Crazy Canucks were and where we were going.

GT-14 was also the first time that many people met Joe and Kathy Gunderson when they unveiled EX-186, the specially equipped MGA with the deDion rear end that was designed to race at LeMans. Seeing this car go around the track at Indy and being able to drive the track ourselves was definitely the highlight of GT-14.

NAMGAR Executives are always encouraging groups of people to start a NAMGAR Chapter and we were no exception. Since the Indiana "Hoosiers" had organized GT-14, we thought that if we started a Chapter we would be called the "Hoser Eh's".

The group of us continued to meet over the next few years...started to have parties and attended events together so in 1991 we decided to form a NAMGAR Chapter. Tim Coyne was the President, Secretary, Treasurer, NAMGAR Representative and Editor...the rest of the guys were simply members!

In 1993, we joined forces with the other Ontario Chapter (The Golden Horseshoe A's) and hosted NAMGAR GT-18 in Niagara Falls. It was a great event and by this time the Hoser membership had expanded quite significantly as we had more members from the Toronto, Kitchener, Sarnia, Chatham areas as well as many American members who enjoyed our camaraderie and party atmosphere. We hadn't discovered the "Yucca" that tradition wasn't started until member Matt Tuckey introduced it at GT-20!

The Hoser's also hosted a NAMGAR Regional GT in 1999 in Grand Bend, ON which was called "MG's at The Bend" which also proved very successful in terms of everyone having a wonderful time and our membership increased significantly.

So that is some of the early years that We can recall...We have ton's of pictures that could accompany an article one of these days.

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