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Ben Nolan

NAMGAR Registrar

Hello everyone. I am your new NAMGAR Registrar. I will be the contact person that keeps the information on the who, the what, and the when for your MGA. It will be hard to fill the shoes of your current Registrar, John Drake, but I will do my best to perform the job at the high standard that John has set for the past 9 years. I have been a NAMGAR member for many years, as a participant only. When I saw the request for volunteers, I just felt it was time to give back as they say.

I will begin my personal MG story with my first memories of an MG experience. My dad and a friend of his, (the friend had a MG TD) were in the front seat of the MG TD and I at a young age was stuffed in the back. We were off to the sports car races at a local track. The top was down, the wind was in my hair and the sound of that EXPAG engine was cool. This was a time when life was good for a young boy who loved cars. After that day, I vowed to myself that someday I would have one of those British sports cars. That day came in 1973 when I purchased a 1953 MG TD. The previous owner had taken it apart many years before. Everything was in pieces down to almost every nut and bolt. It was like a model car kit only bigger. After starting a career and a family, I first drove my prize in 1985.

Because of my love for mechanical things and cars, I graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and spent 31 years in the engineering field before I retired so I could spend more time with my MG’s. I should mention some things about my wife, Cyndi. She has put up with me and my car antics for as long as we have been together. Fortunately for me she also is a car person. We met while cruising the avenue in 1965 (she had a nice two door 1953 Plymouth) and she has worked on every project car I have brought home since. Details of my other car experiences will be saved for a later article. She is a wonderful woman, and we have spent many hours enjoying our MG experiences and the MG family which has grown with every passing year. She has been the one to encourage me to bring home that one more MG (we have 6) and assured me we can fix it up. Besides helping with the cars she also has given us three sons, they are grown now and are working on families of their own. They still enjoy the use of dad’s MG’s.

When I finished the restoration of the TD, I joined a local MG club to be around other MG people. The Delaware Valley Classic MG Club known as the DVC was where I found out how much fun it was to do things with people of the same MG mentality as me. Since then I have found that wherever there are MGs there are wonderful people who enjoy them. This sounds like an MG TD article. But now for the MGA part of my story. In 1994 two of my boys had their driver’s license but did not drive the MG TD. Cyndi also did not drive it much, only when I was with her, the family felt it was dad’s labor of love. In the spring of 1994 that changed when I purchased my first MGA. It was not much to look at with its typical rusted areas and its many shades of red paint (where it had paint) that had faded over the years; but it ran like a top. Everyone loved the MGA, it was a pleasure to drive and you didn’t have to worry about scratching the paint. Lee and Liz Niner, who are members of the DVC, also bought an MGA during this same period, and we and other members of the DVC began to attend NAMGAR GT’s. I have found NAMGAR to be a great source of information for the MGA hobbyist. This information includes the technical information, the personal car stories, the statistics about the cars; such as the geographical location, the color, the registration numbers and the volume produced each year just to name a few.

We found the people of NAMGAR to be fun loving people who have a deep passion for the MGA. This passion revolves mainly around driving their cars rather than just sitting and looking at them.

It is also wonderful that it is for male and female alike; they try and have something for every member of the family. This is why many MGA people get together and make a GT part of a vacation experience either going to or coming from the NAMGAR events. Well enough rambling for now. I am proud and looking forward to being your new Registrar. I hope to meet all at the next GT.