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Photo of Carol ShamonskyCarol Shamonsky

Carol Shamonsky

NAMGAR Chairman

Hi, I’m Carol Shamonsky, Chairman

I’ve gotten to know many of our members in my former role as Vice-Chairman and I look forward to meeting many more in my new position. I am a retired mathematics teacher and during my 35 year career I taught at both the high school and college level. I have a daughter and two fantastic granddaughters who I thoroughly enjoy spending time with.

My husband, Bill, and I were born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania and we continue to live there along with our three MGs in the NAMGAR family. Actually the cars spend more time there than we do as we winter in central Florida. Guess you could say we have the best of both worlds.

How did I get involved with NAMGAR, you might wonder? Well, when Bill and I started dating he would take me for drives in his ’57 MGA 1500 roadster and then after he had a restoration done in 2004 we attended our first GT together in Cromwell, CT. We had already started being active in our local club as he is one of the founding members of the British Car Club of Northeastern PA, a NAMGAR chapter. After that we started attending GTs and Regionals; but the Regionals are what really committed me to being involved for NAMGAR. The best Regionals do not have an overabundance of attendees; more on the order of 30 to 50 people. They provide a wonderful way to make friends out of strangers that just happen to be driving cars that you love. Those friends and the hope of spending time with them are what makes going to our national GTs fun. The best part is each time you attend you make more new friends and help to introduce others into the NAMGAR family.

If you have not attended a NAMGAR event, I invite you wholeheartedly to come and give it a try. I would be very surprised to hear that you were disappointed.