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Dan Suter

Dan Suter


Hello fellow MGAers! My name is Dan Suter and I am the new NAMGAR Historian. I’ve been a long-time NAMGAR member (I think since the 1988 timeframe) and I’m looking forward to being able to help out in this role. I absolutely love learning about the histories of individual cars and owners, so this is a logical extension to study and share the history of the Register with the members.

My MGA is a black ’62 Mk II Deluxe roadster that was purchased new and raced in SCCA by none other than Dave Nicholas, who has recounted many of his more recent vintage racing experiences in MGA! The ground-up restoration on the Deluxe was completed (with two local MGCC retired friends leading the restoration and me doing some of the basic jobs, working with them nearly every Friday for two winters) just in time for GT-33 in Seven Springs, PA. ‘Just in time’ in this case was declaring completion with 115 test miles on an entirely rebuilt car that had not run in 35 years on Thursday, and heading out into the rainstorms on Sunday morning to drive to the meet which was 360 miles away!

I got interested in MGs through my dad’s 1953 MGTD which has been in the family since I was 14 years old. It now resides in my garage, but dad and I continue to take nice long rides in it during the summer months. I also have a factory BGT V8 which I have been restoring myself at a snail’s pace, and a ’59 Twin Cam roadster that is a future project.