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George Kress

NAMGAR Treasurer

I bought my first MGA in 1986. My work had slowed down and I wanted a car to work on and enjoy. Sure I wanted a Corvette but it just was not in the budget. I did find two MGAs in a package deal. One had been in a fire and the other was in pieces. The price was good but I was not sure of my ability to make one out of the two. I liked the look of the MGA and started to look at any that came listed in the local paper. Then I found one that was all together and I was promised that it would run when I put a battery in it. Well that was a lie but after a few years of learning and working on the car it was running and I had a lot of fun with it. At one of the British cars shows in the area I found out about NAMGAR. I joined and could not wait for each MGA magazine to get here. I attended my first GT in Niagara Falls Canada. At that point I was hooked on the organization and the car that it was named after.

I am the third generation owner of a small family trucking company and I was always a long range planner. I wanted to keep busy after my retirement and my hobby was my MGA so I started to buy cars that needed restoration so I could keep busy in my retirement. When I retired I had accumulated eighteen rebuildable cars and a lot of parts. While my collection of cars grew so did my business. When I had one MGA my trucking company had four trucks. When I retired I had eighteen MGAs and the trucking company had fifty trucks working for it. So instead of selling the business my children took over the operation of the trucking company and I became cheap labor for them.

Since retirement I have completed four frame-up restorations and sold three of them and also have sold a number of unrestored MGAs. I am down to ten MGAs, two parts car and a pile of spare parts. At this point I am looking to down size a lot more. I once sold a few parts to an MGA race car driver and after he looked around at everything I had his comment was, "You sure are going to leave your kids a mess".

I was president of the Greater Pittsburgh MG Club for a number of years and took over as Treasurer of NAMGAR in the summer of 2012. I have always been the kind of person who feels that if you enjoy something you have to do your part to keep it moving on. I enjoy the everyday job of being treasurer and the occasional phone call from a member who is having trouble paying their dues online. The part I do not care for is the Board Meeting and taking the minutes of the meeting but that is part of the job.

The most fun I have ever had in my MGA was the Rellye to Reno. What a trip. I am presently working on a car that I am looking forward to driving to California when we have our next GT in that state. Most of all it is the MG people that I have met along the way. That is why I will continue to be your Treasurer.

Updated March 2016