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Lee & Liz Niner

NAMGAR Columnist

Driver: “Can you believe the Internet Coordinators of NAMGAR want us to write a “staff sketch” about ourselves in 300 to 350 words. Why just my last experience repairing the A would take that many words. What they want a journalistic miracle.”

Navigator: “Listen Hemingway, just compose it and send it to him. Just start at the beginning with both of us being interested in and eventually acquiring our MGs and just fill in the blanks. It’s really pretty simple.”

Our affection with MGs started when we were in elementary school in Towson, MD during the 1950’s as we watched T Series MGs speed by us as we walked to and from school. As we progressed through junior high, high school and then through college MGTs, As & Bs were always in the back of our minds but then we had other priorities. We were married in 1966 right after graduation. Lee went into the Army, eventually serving in Viet Nam and I delivered the first of two kids, a daughter and three years later a son was to follow. Into the 1970’s we moved to Blue Bell, PA as Lee was busy working in engineering management for what would eventually become ThyssenKrupp Budd at their Philadelphia Plant and also was serving in a Special Operations Army Civil Affairs Reserve Unit while Liz was working as an instructional aide for special needs kids for Colonial School District in Plymouth Meeting, PA. MGs were still very much on our mind as we attended the New Hope Automobile Show each August and always focused on the MGs. In 1981 we acquired our first MG, a red ‘52 MGTD and joined a local club, the Delaware Valley Classic MG Chapter. We made lots of drives (with two kids facing each other stacked in the luggage compartment sans seat belts!) locally and went on several New England MGT Register tours to include England and Scotland in 1990 with our TD. We purchased our red ‘64 ‘Pull Handle’ MGB in 1990. Our OEW ’60 MGA1600 was acquired in 1994 and we joined NAMGAR. We drove our A to our first GT in Winston Salem in 1995 and have been to every GT except one since. It’s been a wonderful experience between us and NAMGAR ever since we joined. We responded to an opening for the NAMGAR Treasurer position and served in that capacity from 1996 through 2005. We then served as NAMGAR Chapter and Interest Group Coordinators from 2006 through 2012 because we still felt a strong interest in assisting wherever were needed within NAMGAR. We have been writing a ‘he said – she said’ column, “The As Have It!” in MGA! since 2005 that pretty much paraphrases our nickname of ‘The Bickersons’ as our many friends in NAMGAR will attest.

Navigator: “Don’t forget to mention that when we moved to a retirement community on Hilton Head Island, SC in 2012 that we sold our TD and MGB and kept our MGA 1600. Mention also that you’re retired from both your civilian employer and the Army and that I’m retired from teaching.”

Driver: “I was going to mention it before you jumped in. Who’s writing this bio, me or you?”

Navigator: “We also really ought to mention that we collect all things MG (we refer to it as our MG ‘crappola’ collection) along with working decoys, rolling pins and who knows what else. I almost forgot; tell them we have four grandkids that love to take rides in the MGs.”

Driver: “Yes dear. (as usual she just has to have the last word!)”