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Photo of Peter & Anne TilburyPhoto of Peter & Anne TilburyPeter & Anne Tilbury

Peter & Anne Tilbury

NAMGAR Internet Coordinators

Peter and Anne Tilbury are NAMGAR’s Internet Coordinators. Their area of responsibility includes developing the NAMGAR web site to become a resource for NAMGAR members, and to attract new members. In the coming months, the web site will be re-designed and the content updated, to provide members with useful information. They want you to visit regularly if you are looking for anything to do with MGA’s, Magnettes, and Variants, and for NAMGAR news.

Peter and Anne met in London, England, in 1969. Anne was working in the US Embassy, and Peter was a university student protesting against the Vietnam war outside. They married and moved to Scotland in 1973 – Peter worked for Hewlett Packard in the design lab, while Anne worked at the local brewery. The monthly allocation of free beer was much appreciated by them and their friends. In 1976 they returned to Kenya, the country of Anne’s birth, and home to the Tilbury family since 1956. In the 80’s they bought their first MGA – a 1956 MGA Roadster, and were founding members of the Vintage & Classic Car Club of Kenya. In 1991, the Tilbury family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, and the MGA came with them. They quickly fitted a heater to the car, and joined NAMGAR.

You may have met Peter & Anne at a NAMGAR GT. Their first was GT21 (MG1996) in Indianapolis, where they became good friends with many NAMGAR members, particularly those from the Texas MG Register. Subsequently they attended GT22, GT24, GT26 (MG2001), GT28, GT30, and GT31 (MG2006). With members of the Canadian Classic MG Club, they organized GT32 in Whistler, BC, and were pleased to be at GT34 as “consultants”. They are currently rebuilding a 1958 MGA Coupe, and their plan is to have two cars at GT36 (MG2011) in Reno, Nevada.

Anne is presently Manager of Sales Operations with McKesson Medical Imaging Group. Peter sold botanical extracts for 14 years until he retired in 2008, i.e. now he works on the MG’s, while Anne pays for the parts.

Their home can be seen in the movie X-Men 2 – the film makers blew up three police cars on their front lawn. Anne and Peter have been happily married for 10 years. The other 26 years have not been so great wink