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Photo for NAMGAR Announces New Membership RewardsNAMGAR Announces New Membership Rewards

At the recent Board meeting, a couple of new membership incentives were approved in order to encourage new members to join NAMGAR. (a) The Board agreed to extend…  Read more

Photo for NAMGAR is Looking for a Communications ManagerNAMGAR is Looking for a Communications Manager

Mike Tooke, current Communications Manager, has expressed his wish to step down from his role as Communications Manager in order to focus his time as Editor on the…  Read more

Photo for “Changing of the Guard” at NAMGAR“Changing of the Guard” at NAMGAR

In England there is a "changing of the guard" and here at NAMGAR there has been a "changing of the guard". Due to business and personal reasons Jeff…  Read more

Photo for A Note from the NAMGAR RegistrarA Note from the NAMGAR Registrar

The NAMGAR Registrar provides an explanation of the Charter Member anniversary dates.  Read more

Photo for Tilburys Honored with Mac Spears AwardTilburys Honored with Mac Spears Award

The NAMGAR Board is pleased to announce that Peter and Anne Tilbury are the 2016 recipients of the Mac Spears Award. Peter and Anne have consistently promoted NAMGAR…  Read more

Photo for Dave McCann Honored at GT-41 BanquetDave McCann Honored at GT-41 Banquet

This year at MG2016/GT-41 we were pleased to have representation from the MG Car Club UK with both Peter Cook (Overseas Director) and Brian Woodhams (Overseas Manager for…  Read more

Photo for Goodbye Mr AshGoodbye Mr Ash

As many of you are probably aware, Mike Ash, our esteemed Tech Editor, has retired and will no longer be writing his regular column for MGA! magazine. He…  Read more

Photo for NAMGAR Announces Changes at the TopNAMGAR Announces Changes at the Top

The NAMGAR Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Jeff Becker has been appointed to serve as Vice Chairman, replacing Carol Shamonsky. Carol has assumed the role…  Read more

Photo for NAMGAR Releases the Membership SurveyNAMGAR Releases the Membership Survey

NAMGAR has now released the online Membership Survey thru eNews!. The objective of the survey is to gauge membership satisfaction with NAMGAR. In addition, NAMGAR values your feedback…  Read more

Photo for Ed Sass and Colleen Quinn Take On Role of NAMGAR Chapter CoordinatorsEd Sass and Colleen Quinn Take On Role of NAMGAR Chapter Coordinators

NAMGAR is pleased to announce that Ed Sass and Colleen Quinn have volunteered to serve as Chapter Coordinators, filling the vacancy left by Bill and Karen Marshall who…  Read more

Photo for Nominations for the Postion of NAMGAR Vice ChairmanNominations for the Postion of NAMGAR Vice Chairman

The NAMGAR Board of Directors has announced that Chairman, Bruce Woodson, will be stepping down from this position at the end of his tenure in early 2015. As…  Read more