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The Vice Chairman's regular column from MGA! magazine is posted in this section.

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Photo for JULY/AUGUST 2017, VOL 42 NO 6JULY/AUGUST 2017, VOL 42 NO 6

Summer is finally here and I know we’re all glad it’s finally made it. It’s great to be able to take our MGs out more or less when…  Read more

Photo for MAY/JUNE 2017, VOL 42 NO 5MAY/JUNE 2017, VOL 42 NO 5

First, my condolences to our Chairman, Carol Shamonsky, on the recent loss of her husband, Bill. I’m sure the entire NAMGAR community feels her loss. I hope by…  Read more

Photo for MARCH/APRIL 2017, VOL 42 No 4MARCH/APRIL 2017, VOL 42 No 4

Well, here we go, my first column as your new Vice Chairman. If you haven't seen my biography on the website, you'll find the official version in this…  Read more