Who to contact at NAMGAR

If you require assistance, please contact one of the NAMGAR departments listed below:


For Membership information, questions regarding your membership subscription, and assistance with registering, renewing, or updating your membership, please contact the NAMGAR Registrar

Editor, MGA! Magazine

For correspondence regarding MGA! Magazine, including photos and articles, letters to the Editor, please contact the NAMGAR Editor, MGA! Magazine

Marketing/Advertising Manager

For information regarding MGA! Magazine display advertising, classified advertising, web advertising on NAMGAR.com, and other sponsorship opportunities, please contact the NAMGAR Marketing/Advertising Manager

Internet Coordinators

If you require assistance with using this website, have any feedback, or wish to suggest online content, please contact the NAMGAR Internet Coordinators

Regalia Coordinator

For assistance with the NAMGAR Online Store, and inquiries regarding regalia sales and marketing, please contact the NAMGAR Regalia Coordinator

NAMGAR Staff Members

For a complete list of our volunteer staff members and their contact information, browse our Staff Directory