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NAMGAR and NAMGAR Chapter Clubs host a number of events throughout the year - ranging from the annual Get-Togethers, Regional Events and individual Chapter Club events.  Every five years, NAMGAR participates in an all Register MG event and includes its annual GT as part of those activities.

If your Chapter is interested in hosting either an annual GT or a Regional event, please contact the Vice-Chairman for further details.

Read General GT Information

General GT Information

If you've never attended a NAMGAR GT, learn more about what you are missing. If you're attending an up-coming GT, read about general policies, definitions, and competition classes. If your Chapter wishes to organize an event, guidance on how to apply is provided Read more

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Read GT-42: Solvang, CA

GT-42: Solvang, CA

GT-42 will be held in Solvang, California in June 2017. Regular updates will be posted in this section as they become available. Read more

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Read NAMGAR GT History


Since its inception, NAMGAR has had an annual Get-Together. These GT's are organized by NAMGAR's Chapter Clubs, and move about all over the US and Canada, i.e. from east to west, and from north to south. Read more

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Read NAMGAR Regional Events

NAMGAR Regional Events

NAMGAR also supports Regional Events. These are more "localized" events, and again they are organized by a Chapter Club. Read more

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