Recommended Suppliers

Recommended Suppliers

This area of the web site is for NAMGAR members to suggest a supplier in their area that they have used, and have been very happy with. These recommendations can be for suppliers of parts, either supplied from stock or made to order, e.g. tires, rims, engine parts, body panels or parts, etc. People who work on MG’s can also be recommended, e.g. wheel balancing, engine re-boring, radiator flushing, upholstery recovering, etc.

Please send us an email to the Internet Coordinators, giving full details of the supplier's name, address, contact numbers, email address, web site, etc, together with a short blurb describing what you purchased, or what they did for you on your car.

We will then put your recommendation on the website (doing so, does not imply any endorsement of the supplier by NAMGAR).


Repair Shop Recommendation - Generators, Alternators, and Starts

Joseph McCurdy recommends:

136 Main St.
New Eagle, PA 15067
Tel: 724-258-3204/724-258-9888

In the Pittsburgh area there is a good repair shop for Generators, Alternators, and Starters. He will let you watch as he disassembles, repairs, and tests your equipment. He also has many spare parts on the shelf. He will take care of you right away if it is a rush. Good pricing too. He is located about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh.



Supplier Recommendation - Specialized Parts for the MG Z Series Magnette from 1953 to 1958

Steve Hanegan recommends:

MG Specialists, John & Lou Shorten Proprietors
44 The Street, Lenwade
near Norwich, Norfolk England NR9 5SD.
Their contact phone is 011 44 1603 872436.  Click here  to view their website.

John and Lou are the recognized leaders worldwide in the supply of specialized parts for the MG Z series Magnette from 1953 to 1958. They were established in 1964. Lou (short for Laurian) is a veritable walking goldmine of information regarding these cars. Though now in her eighties, she has the mind of a computer, able to recognize each Magnette owner by voice and treating each one as a cherished friend from the second telephone call. Lou has spent decades sourcing reproductions of the many parts that are unique to these cars, from the lovely woven rope door pulls to the superb stainless steel reproduction bumpers, many, if not all, Magnette specific restoration parts are available at reasonable prices exclusively due to her efforts. Lou is also quite a charming source of information, having first hand experience and expertise in all aspects of running, repairing and restoring the Z series Magnettes, being quite willing and capable at diagnosing and solving just about any issue an owner may face. John has many years experience at repair and restoration of the cars, from minor accident damage to restoration of shells that would appear to be a lost cause. His work is very highly regarded in the worldwide Magnette community and is considered the benchmark for a "proper" Magnette restoration. John also hand produces a full line of the sheet metal panels necessary for the restoration of the Magnettes, and his panels are regarded as superb by anyone who has had to utilize them in a restoration.

Indeed, one of the most highly cherished and pleasurable aspects of Magnette ownership is to be able to ring Lou and get a cheerful "872436", then enjoy the very personal and old fashioned service and camaraderie that comes from doing business with a friend. Though their online catalog shows only the main primary restoration parts, it is always a source of amazement to ask Lou for an "off the wall" bit, and have her pop on down to "Fort Knox" and have a rummage around and produce the most astonishing collection of items that are considered by other suppliers to be made of pure "unobtainium".


University Motors Returns

When, nearly one year ago, as the Michigan economy was collapsing and my wife Caroline's health failing, we had no option but to cease fulltime business. During the following seven months I cared for Caroline as the cancer sapped her strength, but never her will. Spending increasingly greater time with her at home, I simply could not attend to business. We sent notices to our customers thanking them for their years of support. We sent notices to our suppliers; we discharged our employees with severance; we had an auction to sell off shop equipment and MG memorabilia. Caroline died in January. As I pondered my future, I could not escape the undeniable fact: MG is my destiny. We are now re-awakening University Motors.

My son, Brooks, has taken his mother Caroline's place in the office, we have two of our original mechanics back at work, and we are working to re-invigorate University Motors. We offer bench, line, and restoration services, as well as MG education via DVDs and technical seminars, on-site and off-site. Our new website will be online soon. We are not yet at speed but we are on the entrance ramp to full time business.

Our old advertisements read: A lifelong dedication to the marque. That statement is as true today as it was when we first used it. Thanks to all who have supported us through this very dismal and heartrending time. We hope to be of service to you during your MG ownership.

John Twist & Brooks Twist
University Motors Ltd
6490 East Fulton
Ada, Michigan 49301
Tel (616) 682.0800

Last updated on July 23, 2012.