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Howard & Kay Larson's 1959 MGA Roadster

Howard & Kay Larson's 1959 MGA RoadsterClick to view a larger photo

Am attaching a photo of our 1959 MGA. This car was an ebay purchase a little over a year ago. I had seen the car but didn’t know if it would run or was drivable. The paint, body, interior were all in great shape and the tires were new. Other than being covered in dust it looked very nice and I thought if someone went to that much trouble to make it look nice it must be decent mechanically as well. Plus the car was just 4 miles from where we lived. I started watching the bidding and thought it going for a reasonable price so jumped in and started bidding. Of course the price started going up. I finally put a final bid in, turned off the PC and went out to mow the lawn. Returning an hour later I learned I was the high bidder! I also learned the right rear tire was locked up and the batteries were bad. To make a long story short I ended up putting almost as much cost under the car as what I paid for it. It had not top or top frame and no tonneau cover or side curtains. All were purchased new along with the luggage rack and fender mirrors. The car is now a very fun car to drive. We joined NAMGAR on the advice of a friend and am glad we did. MGA! is a terrific magazine and the membership packet included a list of other members in our state. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted on February 7, 2010, viewed 1504 times

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