How to Register your Vehicle

When you fill out the car data part of the form, your MGA or Variant will be registered in the NAMGAR database, and you will receive a dash plaque with a registration number which will be permanently associated with that vehicle. The following information is intended to assist you in providing NAMGAR with the data we need to make the correct registration. Please remember that if the car data is inaccurate or incomplete, we will be unable to register your MGA and we will need to contact you for additional information.


An MGA Variant is defined as a vehicle manufactured between 1955 and 1962 which was supplied by the factory with an MGA drive train as original equipment. The most common examples are Magnettes, Elvas and TVRs.

Click here for enlarged imageChassis Number:

The Chassis Number, or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), is the primary identification used by NAMGAR to register you MGA, and is the most important piece of information. The Chassis Number is found in a plaque on the horizontal firewall immediately in front of the heater core. The chassis number was also stamped on the frame, but this is extremely hard to find. It was stamped on the transverse frame member between the transmission tunnel and the right side frame (under the passenger’s knees). See MGAGuru for details on this location. It may also be found on the title. If it is impossible for you to recover the Chassis Number, we will assign a dummy number and use the body number for identification.

Chassis numbers normally begin with “H” for 1500 models, “GHNL” for 1600 models, “GHNL2” for Mark II models, and “Y” for Twin Cam models. The serial number will be between 10101 and 109070 for pushrod MGAs and 501 to 2611 for Twin Cams.


Click here for enlarged imageBody Number:

The body number can be found on a plate on the vertical firewall next to the right-hand (passenger side) hood hinge. The number is often painted over, but can usually be read with a little effort.


Click here for enlarged imageEngine Number:

The engine number is on a plate fixed to the right hand side of the engine block, behind the oil dipstick. The plate was aluminum and may have been dissolved away when the engine was cleaned during a rebuild, If the number is missing, it can sometimes be found on the Chassis Number plaque in the 1500 models.


Parts Car Only:

Check “Yes” if the vehicle has been wrecked, junked or is used only for parts and will not be restored. We do track these cars but do not assign NAMGAR numbers or dash plaques.

Last updated on March 27, 2010.